Saturday, March 1, 2014

20 Leagues Under My Belt - The Gold Lama

The first accomplishment in what can only be described as a fail of a project, the Gold Lama and his faithful yeti (Hey! I'm a yeren...grumble...mutter..) driver, Talaga, are the first league to reach full painted status since I announced this project in *sigh* August. To add insult to injury, they are a small league of only two figures - leader and sidekick. On the other hand, I should be proud because I painted them in one day.

The Gold Lama races into the ruin of the old estate bent on making the scoundrels pay for their misdeeds. Meanwhile Talaga stands ready to back up his friend.
The Gold Lama is a Superfigs miniatures available through Old Glory. He was painted with an intentional nod to Marvel's Iron Fist, one of my favorite comic book character. The golden skin was a late thought that I feel really sells the pulpy nature of this character as a mystic, versed in the ancient secrets of the East.

Talaga is a Judge Dredd miniatures Ape Gang Gorilla from Mongoose. The Gold Lama has always had a yeti as a sidekick and when I saw this gorilla, it was love at first sight. What better a pulp sidekick/driver/major domo than an ape in suspenders, trousers and a bow tie. He's packing heat in his pocket and stands ready with a crowbar. 

The Gold Lama and Talaga take a moment to pose after chasing off the mobsters


  1. Looking great! I really like the ape gang guy, nice bowtie.

  2. Ha What a perfect duo they look excellent mate.

  3. The Gold Lama and company represent my entry into the Street Justice category of leagues, but the Gold Lama could easily end up anywhere.


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