Saturday, March 1, 2014

20 Leagues Under My Belt - Countess Velasco's Treasure Hunters

So, in a frenzy of painting fever, I pulled out a partially completed league and finished it up.

This league is my European treasure hunters, led by the cold and calculating Countess Velasco. She is joined by her lieutenant and supposed lover, Bronzini and his hired guns. Rounding out the league is the Countess's personal mystic and fortune teller Madame Zelda.
The Countess and her band stand poised at the mouth of the Gtungi lair, certain that the riches of this savage land are to be found inside. Hopefully, the Gtungi will be kept at bay by the relic displayed by Madame Zelda. Bronzini and his men are ready, nonetheless.

This league is one of my first and was made up of minis I had on hand when I first picked up Pulp Alley. It tends to follow the middle of the road for leagues in Pulp Alley, utilizing a lot of shooty, some tricks and a characters (Zelda) who doesn't do much except aid the rest of the league. 

This league is made up mostly of Copplestone Castings figures from several different codes with Countess Velasco cast into her role from Artizan Miniatures.


  1. The league looks great and ready for action.

  2. Thank you both. The Countess and her men have not done all that well on the table. Being a shooty league they tend to fall short against league with more gimmicks. I think the Countess may need to invest in some more interesting henchmen as time goes on.

    One nice thing about Pulp Alley is that nothing says your league roster has to be static. In fact, the only character that is fixed is the Leader. While you may miss out on some experience opportunities, you can flex your league around a bit to fit theme, story and function.


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