A lot of gamers aspire to do work in the industry and I am no different. I have decided to list a few of the companies I have or am doing work for in some way or another.

Mad Robot Miniatures

9/4/2011 - 1/20/2012 
On September 4, 2011 I joined the Mad Robot Miniatures team as a product designer and general design consultant. Originally just a fun dialog between Internet buddies, this has turned into a serious but fun way for me to assist in the designing of new miniatures, miniatures lines, and other products.

Sadly, I am no longer with Mad Robot. I would like to say that the parting was amiable, but it was not. I did not part company with Steve by choice or over any creative issues. We had a difference of professional opinion, to put it in the most diplomatic of ways.

In October of 2010 I started sculpting and subsequently submitted some of my work to for inclusion in their SHM miniatures range. My initial offerings were nicely received by the company with some very promising feedback from miniatures gamers. Through the guidance I received from Gavin there, my skills have continued to develop and I have continued to submit my work for inclusion in the SHM line.

I later sculpted a range of miniatures for Alternative Armies called "The Prang" which includes two factions - raiders and official army. These were incorporated into their Ion Age range.

In addition to the sculpting for Alternative Armies, I have developed three ranges of sci-fi minis under my own label "Loud Ninja Games". These include the Chuhuac, Yan'Drassi, and the most popular Ikwen. The three ranges are sculpted by other, contracted sculptors, using concepts and direction by me. Alongside these ranges I also have my self-sculpted Wasteland Mutants range which includes mutants, rad zombies and anything else I can fit into a post-apocalyptic setting. 

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