Monday, February 24, 2014

Conversion Fun

A quick post today to show off what can be accomplished with simple conversions of existing figures. In this case, I'll use examples of my own sculpts that are available through the SHM line at Each of these miniatures was sculpted by me, then cast in metal and then subsequently converted and recast, creating new figures, sometimes with very substantial differences.

The Vergans are a plant-based species I created as a one-off and then later as a set of conversions representing a space-faring crew of Vergans utilizing acquired, non-native equipment. This helps them blend into existing space gaming settings.

SHM20 Vergan
Original Vergan Sculpt

The Vergan Free Traders were some of the more substantial conversions I have done. while the basic figure remained the same, I added gear, packs and even weapons and instruments to the figures. After adding the additional equipment was added, I then added tentacles to handle them. Curiously, the nature of theb ase sculpt allowed me to make slight changes in the orientation in the "poses" without actually having to change the head or body position. The multiple eyes on the head meant that I just needed t chance what direction the equipment pointed and hung change the direction the figure was posed toward.

SHM54 Vergan SoldierSHM55 Vergan Soldier II
SHM56 Vergan MusicianSHM57 Vergan Sergeant
Vergan Free Traders

The Burgansians were an attempt to incorporate a piece of substantial tech into the sculpt. In the case of these aliens, this took the form a floating chair. This allowed me to work with seated poses and in the initial sculpt, this was a rather relaxed, confident pose. I saw him as a sort of fixer or contact.

SHM19 Burgansian
Original Sculpt
In the subsequent sculpt (and an upcoming one as well), I modified the pose, altered the face and even added to the hover chair. I also added a secondary character to the sculpt that could be anything from a pet, or perhaps even a juvenile Burgansian. A little added costuming, also changes the nature of this figure and he could easily pass for some sort of noble, ambassador, or maybe just another fixer.

    SHM64 Burgansian II
Burgansian Conversion
Calamite to Varlish
The third example presented here is a case of a conversion from one species to an entirely new species. the original Calamite was a distinctly aquatic looking species dressed in a simple robe with a few charms and trinkets.

SHM32 Calamite Preacher
Calamite Preacher

The Varlish was converted directly over the top of the Calamite sculpt. This meant a bit of bulking up but, like a good tattoo cover-up, I used the original lines of the Calamite to guide where I added to the putty and the final shape of the Varlish took form. Much of the change occurred around the face where I retained the conical shape of the Calamite head, but broadened it into a menacing set of eyes and an odd, overbite mouth. The arms were extended a bit to conceal the original alien arms which were changed into sleeves to accommodate new hands. I then added more finery to the chest to show the change in "occupation" from preacher to envoy.

SHM62 Varlish Envoy
Varlish Envoy

I love doing these sorts of conversions and I used to do them just for personal use, but this way others get to share in my madness.

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  1. Great post. I have picked up on it on the actual blog here:


  2. Very clever Eli- I do like conversions, as it gives you some unique figures.


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