Thursday, February 13, 2014

Going Rogue! - New Stuff for Rogue Space


Archetypes: Soldier
Abilities: None
Description: The Wazleen are mammalian humanoid species with an awkward, oblong build, long neck and pinched features. Wazleen mouths are naturally down-turned and this has given them an undeserved reputation among humans as being perpetually "in a bad mood". Wazleen legs are bowed on wide hips and as such they tend to waddle when walking.

Ziktapapatus is a sparse world, devoid of natural resources ages ago by the millennium of improper management of their. Most Wazleen have migrated to huge, orbiting city platforms that float above the planet as the species continues to chip away at their home world. In fact, Ziktapapatus is visibly misshapen and scarred, even from orbit where huge, bite-like sections of the planet seem to have been carved out. This diminishing planetary mass has already started to have an effect on the orbital dynamics of the star system and two of its moons have already collide a few generations past, creating a dense asteroid belt in their previous orbit. Of course, the Wazleen have taken to mining these asteroids.

Wazleen technology is high, with an emphasis on industrial application. Massive mining ships and orbital processing platforms are common. Gravitic technologies are also a priority to the Wazleen.

Culture and Laws
The bottom line is what is most important to the Wazleen. To this end, any member of this race is measured by his worth to the family business. Dreamers and individuals are not openly received by their families, but the governing board of elders does recognize their importance in terms of innovation. Such individuals are usually grouped into government think tanks with the planetary government taking the risk on them.

Property rights are highly important and crimes such as theft, vandalism, and the like carry heavy fines and sanctions upon individuals who are found guilty of violating the ownership of another. Prisons do not exist on Ziktapapatus with most long-term criminals sentenced to unpaid internships in the various corporations. The hardest criminals - murderers and such are sentenced to work the surface of the planet, a sentence that, while not execution, guarantees a short remainder to the offenders existence.

Wazleen weapons tend to be high energy weapons. 

Wazleen ships are not known for speed and maneuverability. Most are haulers and transports with a lot of factory vessels. Even their warships tend to be of the "sit and shoot" sort with at least 50% of their fleet made of immense dreadnoughts.

Relations to Humanity
Wazleens views of humanity tend to place them someplace between enemy and competitor. While they do not have any outright hostility toward humanity, human business acumen has a tendency to orbit the same interests as the Wazleen. Humanity's view of this species is one of suspicion and confusion as humanity seems to always run afoul of Wazleen even when they are not directly involved or competing. It is not unknown for Wazleen to make human business their business even if they had no interest of their own.

Using them in Rogue Space
Wazleen represent an opportunity for non-militant conflict in games. They also provide excellent opportunities for employment.


  1. More great stuff! Love to see a character you make with these new races!

  2. Thanks.

    Might be a bit before I get characters made. I'm more of a world builder.

  3. Cool man, keep on world building then!


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