Thursday, February 13, 2014

Going Rogue! - New Stuff for Rogue Space


Archetypes: Soldier
Abilities: +1 Fighting
Amphibious: M'wunga have complex lung that allow them to breathe equally well in both air and a liquid (water) atmosphere.
Description: M'wunga appear ad pale blue, fish like humanoids with wide, down-turned mouths and prominent speckling all over their body. M'wunga have a disproportionately large torso for their legs. While they appear to be related to fish, these aliens actually evolved as bottom dwellers, thus their short legs and solid-hoofed feet.

The M'wunga home world known as Abnaxa is 98% covered in a thick, lukewarm, shallow ocean. The few islands are actually the rocky peaks of the world's tallest mountain, piercing the waves. The waters of the planets are thick with minute crustaceans and plankton, leaving it cloudy - the perfect environment for its many toothy predators.

The M'wunga live in domed, undersea cities filled with moist air. The top-most floors of the spires of these cities penetrate the surface of the ocean providing views for upper scale dwellings as well as space port facilities and other orbital transit points.

The technology of this species is on par with that of the greater galactic community. Transportation methods take the form of skimmer vehicles that operate above and below the waves.

Culture and Laws
The tight confines of M'wunga domed cities and the shared atmosphere means that this race is very community conscious. It is not so much a matter of caring for their neighbors but of not wanting to irritate them and end up being ostracized, maybe even banished. Most punishment in M'wunga society is punishable by banishment for the cities as such a sentence means being cast into the deadly shallows full of predators.

Coming from an underwater realm, their native weaponry tend to center around projectile weapons often using micro-missiles. Grenades are popular, but mostly of the rocket propelled kind as throwing is not very effective under water. Such weapons have remarkably effective concussive effects in the liquid environment.

Most of the ships built by the M'wunga are large, cumbersome trade vessels that are not atmosphere capable. They are well known for their ability to transport wet goods or lifeforms requiring liquid environments.

Relations to Humanity
Humanity and the M'wunga get along well. Many foods popular with humans come from Abnaxa where the shallows produce a huge variety of flavorful shellfish and crustaceans. Trade relations have always been positive and the two species are amiable toward one another.

Using them in Rogue Space
M'wunga are a good fit as traders and contacts throughout the known galaxy. Also, they would often be found among crews that include humans.


  1. Interesting race and like the aquatic spin carried through, and I like the race art! Is this your handiwork?

  2. Thank you!

    Yes, this is an inked sketch of my own.

    I love a good Space Opera and I find that some of the best races in the genre tend to pick a theme and run with it.

  3. Eli I think you are right, I never quite saw it that way before--but damn if you are not right on.


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