Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another Blast(er) From the Past

Star Slammers is a great book from 1983. In this graphic novel, Walt Simonson brings us a story of interstellar mercenaries fighting for their honor and their lives against all odds.

This is another one of those great bits of 80's Space Opera where big guns, bright colors and ultra-fancy tech really shine. I cannot help but feel there are some similarities between the basic concept here and the Hammer's Slammers but then again, one could draw comparison to the Seven Samurai, even if there are only three Slammers.

The depictions of future combat in here are just so wonderfully over the top as to ring on a truly heroic level. Three heroes clad in what seems like power armor with big guns and even some gimmicky weapons (sling grenades!) take on an enemy much greater than themselves, laying low the forced of tyranny.

I can't help but think my friends and I tried playing this as an RPG when we were kids. If not, we at least borrowed content and inspiration for our sci fi games. 



  1. I think I read it back in the day. One of the characters downed a grav car with a sling and then claimed it as salvage because of their contract. It has been a long time since I read it but I remember it with fondness.


    1. That is the one! Nails the grav car with a sling grenade. The grave car is something right out of the early Traveller minis or Laserburn.

  2. I always thought GW Space Marines borrowed some of the armor design from these guys.
    I really liked this book when it came out. Walt Simonson is a great creator. Thanks for reminding me of this!

    1. While I can see some of the argument there, I'd say it is more the matter that the GW Space Marines were born of the style of that era including from other space marine miniatures made before them.

      If you look at many of the power armors depicted in book art at the time and the some of the figures from Heritage in their Galacta or Asgard Miniatures' line there is also some "DNA" to be found there..

  3. I am glad that other are enjoying my jaunt through memories. I have been enjoying tracking down these old books. There are some that only remain as vague fondness, who's names I cannot recall.

    I'd love to hear recommendations of other comics and graphic novels from this era that I might enjoy.

  4. Eli,
    Thanks for that information. I never really had seen much of the miniatures of that period. Or for that matter, I don't think I saw a lot of sci fi artwork from back then. I read a lot of sci fi but was "sheltered" away from the rest of it. : )


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