Monday, May 17, 2010

Trawling For Trolls: Part Two - New Possibilities

The Freemont Troll here in Seattle, WA.

As one who is not afraid to work with a little green stuff (the sort you sculpt you hippy!), I have considered that the best way for me to get the trolls I want is to convert trolls from other lines. Also, I feel that it is important not to pigeon hole myself into any particular verswion of a troll. Even classic Scandinavian troll folk range in shape and size from tiny gnome-like being to giants with multiple heads as well as scraggly hags and even beautiful girls with hidden cow tails. Many tales even give them magical powers and a natural ability to shapeshift. I believe Thor himself was fooled by shapeshifting trolls.

I think I have made it clear that I prefer my trolls with a lot of hair, long. biggish noses and prnounced jutting teeth and/or tusks. I am not fond of pointy ears on my trolls. Clothing is okay though it should look tatty and unkept and weapons/armor should be rough if anythign more than clubs and stones.

I have found a few more possible candidates for troll minis...

Otherworld Miniatures bugbears very much look the part and would make good human size trolls. Rounding the ears. A little putty to cover some of the anatomy (I may use them in games with my kids) and a few weapon swaps. Should do the trick. Not overly fond of the leader figure for use as a troll though.

Then there are these fellows? Gamezone Miniatures trolls have that classic giant primitive homonid look to them and would work well for going with a more "real" look to your trolls as if they were just some divergent species of earthly humanoids. Gamezone also do some Chaos Trolls (below) that seem a little more traditionally trollish. I might ad a bit of a schnoz to their faces and a tusk or two and have them along size the bugbears to represent larger trolls. The two headed troll might make for a good troll king except his all deformed. Ah well, "Golfrig the Ugly" is born. I am also hoping that the stuff in their hands is an option and that the spikey bits will come off easily.


  1. Really cool models all around ... I've been looking at some of these ranges for awhile too. Interesting choices ... yet ... no matter what direction you go with these figs ... I don't think you'd be disappointed. Good luck and happy hunting!

  2. Very cool!!! I spent some time in Norway when I was in the Navy, and Trolls are very prevalent in their folklore and culture. A fishing guide that we hired claimed that he sees them all the time. I will have to check those mini's, I have to admit that the "Shrek" happy meal toy has piqued my interest, LOL.

  3. It'll be a while before I can/will make this investment, but I thought it'd be fun to share my window shopping with the group and give a little exposure to some of the options out there.


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