Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who are the Airplanes in Your Neighborhood?

Crew of the Me-262 Project with their handiwork.
[Picture by Jim Larson off of the project website. Use without permission]

While I sat about enjoying the first chance I've had to sleep in in months, I started to hear some interesting sounds overheard. The apartments I live in are pretty much right across the street from Paine Field in Everett, WA. Paine Field is known for having a major Boeing production facility as well as being a recieving point for commercial freight lines. It also features, like most major airports, a host of surrounding aeronautical industry. What does this have to do with the sounds I heard? Well, what it turns out I was hearing were a vintage B-25d named "Grumpy" and what I think is the local Me-109.

Paine Field is home to some seriously cool restoration, museum and private collection resources. Not only is it home to severla vintage planes but it is also the residence to several accurate reporductions all put together by the talented craftsman and machinists found in and around the airfield. Currently the replica productions group there is working on 5 air-worthy me-262s. I've seen these WW2 jets flying and it is impressive. They have a distinct sound to them that you cannot confuse for any other airplane. Heck, I even driven right under one while it was landing as the end of one of the runways is right next to the highway coming home.

I feel like a doofis. I have lived across the street from all this coolness for six years and never knew it until today just as I am packing to move. Fortunately, I am not moving that far away and will make sure to come back for some of this.

If you would like to learn more about Paine Field and other local air attractions check here -

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  1. Cool! We have an air museum not far from our home as well, on Galveston Island. They have several flying WWII aircraft, including a B-17G. Every once in a while, usually in the weeks before the big airshow, I get to watch it fly around over our house on a test flight.

    I love old planes. The 'big toy'I would get if I won a mega-lottery would be a WWII fighter plane.

  2. time for some Blue Oyster Cult

  3. it is so cool that you have an me109 near you

  4. WOW, Cool, a swallow flying overhead - now that is something special!



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