Saturday, May 22, 2010

Old School Maps

Going through some old issues of Imagine magazine I was struck by how nice some of the maps were. If you aren't familiar with Imagine, it was an older British gaming magazine, published by TSR Hobbies UK that ran from 1983 to 1985 as far as I can recall. It followed a format very similar to the early Dragon and White dwarf magazines offering articles, supplemental material and adventures for D&D as well as other fantasy and science fiction RPGs. There were some really nice articles in its pages as well as some fun monsters and adventures.

One of my favorite things in the later issues was a project called Pelinore - The City League where they detailed a particular set of cities providing NPCs, local information and some lovely maps of the buildings. I have some scanned images of some of those maps included below. As the magazine is long out of print and next to impossible to find, I hope they won't mind me sharing a few snippets of the fine map work that was done within those pages.

I hope you enjoyed these maps. I'll post more in the future.



  1. Very nice maps.
    Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Some years ago I built a tavern based on the first illustration. I also built a town house based on a similar illustration, lent it to the local Games Workshop store and never saw it again - Bummer!

    Keep the old maps coming - they bring back great memories.


  3. I am very glad you are enjoying the maps. I found the maps in Imagine to be some of the best Old School maps I've seen. Many of their characteristics slip into my own hand-drawn maps.

    That's so cool that you based model terrain on some of those maps. You really should go into business for yourself designing terrain and/or minis Tony.

  4. Any chance you're going to post more of these? I love that style of cartography, it's the same as in B10: Night's Dark Terror and in many of the later WFRP things these guys did. Absolutely awesome! Please scan more if you have more? :-D


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