Saturday, May 22, 2010

Old School Maps 2

The next set of maps from the old Imagine magazines are a few of the more involved ones that I have seen. These are still part of the whole City League series of maps for their featured setting. As you can see below, these are a gambling den, a courthouse, and a castle.

The Cornucopia gambling house map is a nice example of a luxurious manner style house and has a great underground element to it.

The Court is a bit simpler on the above ground levels, but still features a nice underground/dungeon section. I find the idea of civic offices around a central courtyard with multiple gates to be a particularly nice architectural choice.

The castle in the map may not be from the City League maps, but it is a nice, solid-built structure with thick walls and lots of rooms and passages. For those who don't like dungeons for dungeon's sake, this castle map would make a suitable alternative and still allow for enough room to explore for a dungeon.


  1. thanks,
    these are useful
    especially like the
    gambling den

    readily converts to a mansion

  2. Old School Maps rock. Thanks Eli. Thanks also for the Morkoth artwork. It looks great on the Kobold Quarterly website.


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