Sunday, May 23, 2010

Old School Maps 3

Continuing with the series on old school maps from the old Imagine magazine, I bring the last of the examples I have scanned. These are some particularly nice maps, being either quite detailed or simply interesting. The first is a dual map, featuring a plan of a castle as well as a modest dwarf stronghold. Like many of the maps from the various Imagine articles, these maps are at once interesting and evocative, but not so specific that you can't pluck them out of the magazine and plop them down anywhere in your own campaign. Both the castle and dwarf stronghold here could represent any encounter area in a game and could be readily used to represent generic structures found throuhgout a campaign world.

The next two are a rather detailed and nicely arranged inn and an Egyptian styled temple complex. Both provide numerous rooms across a number of buildings and plenty of space for encounters and treasures. Though the temple is designed as an Egyptian styled structure, it could be used for any great temple without any extra work.

I hope you have enjoyed these posts showing the old Imagine maps. I had a lot of fun pouring over them again and sharing them. It should be noted that these last three maps are yellow not because of the age of the magazines but because they were included as part of the "centerfold" pull-out adventures included in many issues of Imagine. These adventures were printed on thicker stock paper than the rest of the magazine, three-holed punched and made removable for transplant into notebooks. I think this is a great idea, myself.

Have fun,



  1. Thanks for sharing these Eli! I will be using them in my campaigns most likely as I really like the Inn and the rest of it.

  2. Great maps and thanks for sharing them - they'll find a happy home in my future resources folder.

  3. Do you have any with descriptions of the rooms?

  4. As in the text from the adventures?


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