Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oopse Paint

I'm sure this is nothing new but I figured I would share for the sake of those who may not have discovered the wellspring of cheap project paint. I am always on the lookout for the inexpensive sources of paint, especially for the purposes of base coating large areas such as in the case of terrain projects. I have found that the local DIY stores are a great source for this.

Many of them have a rack, nestled, not always so visibly, next to their paint counter. This is where they keep what my wife called the "oopse paint". Oopse paint is that stuff that was mixed and not the right shade or mixed wrong or whatever else can befall the masters of paint alchemy. The bottom line is that you can get some good shades at about $0.50 per 7 ounces. The pic in this post shows my latest acquisition which was a collection earthy greens and sandy tones. Even if you can't find the colors you need, I find this is a good way to get some good, but cheap paint that you can slop onto a piece of styro terrain that you need to seal up.

Check it out!



  1. Haha, how funny. I literally just picked up a paint from the same area in my local store for terrain that matches the GW bleached bone color. Great for highlighting the tan colors.

  2. What a good idea . . . thank you for sharing it, sir.

    -- Jeff


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