Sunday, February 23, 2014

More of My Aliens Released by

I while back I previewed some metal masters of figures that I had submitted to's SHM miniatures line. Well it looks like they came out and I somehow missed it. So, here are the painted catalog pics from their site to show off these four new aliens.

SHM62 Varlish EnvoySHM63 Nimuan Orator
SHM64 Burgansian II

Again, these are alien civilians intended to populate you star ports and offer objectives for your scenarios. Most of them are designed to allow you a wide breadth of use, with each figure representing a number of possible characters.

You can find these - HERE


  1. My vote for the top left, the Varlish Envoy, as nicest of the four. I have two in my collection but the paint job that Sam Croes did on it is excellent. Nice work Eli!


    1. I tend to lean toward the top right figure, the Nimuan Orator. I enjoyed sculpting the pose and it is the one that my 10yr old daughter designed :)

  2. Nice job :) Very characterful for cantina's and back alley markets and the like.


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