Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years Resolutions (Gaming)

So, I do not tend to do this, but the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 have made me want to, for once.

While 2013 didn't go horribly, it did point out some serious issues I have in my hobby life (real life too, but we'll focus on gaming here). I have been feeling a growing sense of dissatisfaction with my hobbies and I feel a good chunk of that is just lack of play time and and progress on projects. This often manifests in a bit of an animosity toward the hobby, especially when talking about areas that I already have issues with. Add to this the ongoing frustrations with the launch of my own miniatures line - Loud Ninja Games.

So, what is there to do?

Change the paradigm!

Here is the short list...

1) Don't be so negative. Especially when talking about the hobby and the entities there. Somebody is always going to do things differently than me. Just because I do not like something, doesn't mean it doesn't have appeal. 

2) Complete Projects. There are a lot of projects on my table that need just a little bit to get them done. Knuckle down and down and do them.

3) Play Games. With the break-up of our regular gaming nigh, this has been hard. More correctly, it now requires effort, something we haven't had to put in for almost a decade. Games need to be planned now.

4) Always move forward. Even if it's just baby steps, it's still forward. There is always a solution, even if an imperfect one.

So, there it is. It may not sound like much, but let's see how well I adhere to this.



  1. Point #2 is a big one. I have been in the same boat for a few years, and have found that just finishing something gives a great sense of accomplishment, which inspires me to just finish something else.

    Happy New Year, Eli!

    1. Little victories to keep the morale up. Also work on what grabs you.

  2. Enjoy each and every step of your hobby this year, Eli. I'm voting that we see more of your sculpting: it motivates me to get back to finishing some characters I started a few months ago.

    1. I am always working on something. I am not sure where I am going with it though.

  3. I understand your points Eli but don't be glum. This week will see some good news I think for you.

    Also don't take what people say to heart. People love to moan and groan and if you ask for input you will get a hundred opposing ideas. Its all part of the fun.


    1. It is not so much a matter of grousing from customers. They have been amazingly patient and understanding. Most of the negativity comes from fellow gamers and the community at large. I am not innocent in this regard and have let my own negativity fly on occasion.

  4. I think all of these are great sentiments to have towards the hobby, and if stuck to, should help with any hobby related rut you might find yourself in. I know when I start to feel a bit down about the hobby I focus exclusively on what part of it is really doing it for me at the moment (sometimes painting, sometimes playing, sometimes writing rules, etc...) and let that carry me back into getting a bit more upbeat for the rest of it. Keep on keepin' on, I know we all want to see the finished Batman dropship!


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