Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Cannot Lie....

I like building Terrain

Here are some pics of the landing pad I am working on.

This is another junk build. As you can see it is based on an old board game board. These make excellent alternatives to MDF. The platform itself is a cake stand, purchased at a local craft store. I used my mototool to grind off the logos and lettering, making sure to add in some added distress with the grinder to make sure it looked like damage from use and not where i ground the lettering off.

The risers are made from plastic hair curlers, slipped inside small prescription pill bottles. The central base is a plastic jar for some product.

Here you can see the landing pad after I started adding some of the associated structures. A storage tank on the left is a vitamin bottle resting on a paper gift box purchased at the craft store. The structure in the fore ground is a drink mix container. We have a lot of these around the house and I have used them for making improvised habitats. This one is a crude tool shed, workshop used by the colony's maintenance crews. The boxy structure on the right is another paper box from the craft store and will have resin windows and doors added. This will likely be marked as a sort of security station or something.

I even added some graffiti. Even a space colony has to have a hangout.


  1. Very cool. Liking your shuttles as well

  2. Very nice modeling! And the graffiti scribbled on the structure gives the piece a great "bring-it-down-to-reality" feel. Two thumbs up, Eli!

  3. "Mr. Robo", love it!

    Looks great chief!

  4. Thanks folks. I did a map of what all my various colony terrain could build up to. I will post it later.

  5. Great stuff! I am a total terrain addict. It is a reaction against a childhood of horrible looking gaming tables and seeing fantasy houses used in sci-fi battles. Junk builds are the most fun, too!

  6. Cool terrain. Great idea about using game boards!


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