Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dropship Kitbash Revisited

Ages ago, I started this little gem...

That's right, a batmobile from the new movies converted into some mammoth of a dropship. it was intended to be the sort of dropship that gets you to the planet and then drops you on it, sticking around to help you finish the job. Well it sat around for a while....

Three years later, I am now getting back to work on it. I've decided that this mercenary rig needed some savage warpaint and as I started painting stripes and lines on some of the raised pieces of the hull, a pattern started taking shape. Holy crap it had a skull on it!

So I went with it and now how a scrubby, white-washed and weathered skull pannel painted over the base OD green color....

Front view after adding black panels

Side view after adding black panels


  1. That is a sweet looking ride.


  2. Very clever. And sweet looking too.

  3. I like it nice job. Makes it space piratey.


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