Friday, December 6, 2013

Alien Terrain - Ghost Trees

A while back I started working on these but time and inspiration had abandoned me. Recently I got back to them and started working them toward finished. I'm not there yet, but I thought I'd show where I am going with these.

The end result I am after is something haunting and gaunt, hinting at and ancient life form. I am calling these "Ghost Trees" and they are in many ways the silent ghosts of an ancient ocean that no longer exists. What you are seeing here is the petrified remains of some coral like structure.

I built these anchored an looming over a dunw-like ridge. The final colors will be a dirty mix of calcified whites with bits of color peaking out. The colored one in the pictures is what they looked like after a brown wash over the back white color. I'll go over them with a drybrushing of white again and then some very watered down pinks and oranges.


  1. Very interesting, and nicely modeled. A fun place for the ..... to live and play in the tree's tangle of coral branches.

    1. Funny you should mention them being used as dwellings. I built them with that thought in mind.

  2. Wire frame with hot glue, I'm guessing? Great results anyway, they look very biological, and I like the idea of land creatures leaving these spooky exposed "fossils" behind.


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