Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brief Comedy Interlude

Just in case you need some game related humor...

Okay, not game related. I still squirted tears of laughter.


  1. I just got in trouble from the Mrs for laughing while she was telling me something serious while I was looking at this post. Worth it thought :-D

  2. Nobody messes with Ethel, she's the Emperor's Chosen.

  3. She's really a very well disguised Sister of Battle, or whatever the Evil Empire calls their Ultra Nuns these days.

    Of course, I have met a few nuns that could take on an entire chapter of Space Marines with a yardstick and a raised eyebrow. And send the Marines packing.

  4. Thanks for posting, the last image actually made me LOL (I kept thinking it was Stewie Griffin).


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