Friday, February 15, 2013

Rock Terrain Madness (Part Two) - Painting

Continuing on from where I left off after building the first of the rock columns and structure. I wanted to stop the building part of the process and try to get a few of the pieces to completion before the pile of work got too big and to make sure I'd gone through the process all the way from start to finish and worked out any kinks. I have a tendency to do these projects on the fly and don't do a lot of research up front. I like it better that way and it let's me figure things out for myself. That's not to say I don't draw inspiration from other projects, just that I tend to not do step by step replications.


After a good couple of coats of gesso from a squirt bottle, the rocks had a nice toothy black finish. Even though there were some thin spots, the toothyness was still there to grab onto the drybrushing of a medium brown color (coffee I think it was called). I first went over all the high points with a good coating, not keeping it too dry but also not full-on painting it. I later went back and stippled in some color into the wider cracks so they didn't see absolutely void. I did make sure to keep the deep and narrow cracks dark so as to add shadow and contrast.

The piece above definitely taught me some lessons on the benefits of pre-painting some parts. Because the tunnel cave here have been pinned and glued already, painting the interior spaces was a bit trickier than it might have been if I had painted the inside before closing it over. Fortunately, this piece is forgiving and the depth of the tunnel really only require clear shading and color right around the openings on either end, allowing the inside to be a bit sloppier.

While i feel I could use these pieces as they are, I think I might go a little further adding some more color and depth. A wash is definitely order and I'm thinking that instead of a black, or even dark brown, I might use a dark green wash to add just a bit of an organic feel to them. I think a further feathery drybrushing of a lighter, more yellow brown might also compliment the stone better. I have considered adding grey to the pallet, but that seems so overdone.



  1. These look incredible Eli, very nice work! Maybe a tuft or two in the deeper crevices would be good?
    I was inspired to buy the Pulp allet rules from these posts, keep it up!

  2. looking good!

    you might want to also consider the inclusion of a few spot plants to add colour and focus

  3. @spacejacker - Glad to have inspired you. It's a great game.

    @Karitas - I'm thinking on that one. I want to have the pieces be as multi-use and multi-setting as possible so I do not want to commit them to any given setting by putting too much foliage on them. I suppose some tufts of grass and small green shrubbery...


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