Monday, February 11, 2013

Insignia for 15mm Scifi Factions

A while back I had written a couple of posts on a proposed faction for my 15mm gaming universe.  This was the Galactic Trade Authority or GTA. Not being a master of graphics, even simple stuff, I threw together a very basic insignia for them which is shown below. 

A buddy of mine from the Clear Horizon blog started doing insignia for various scifi gamers and I asked him to do a few for me. The first he did was a revision of the GTA symbol with a more alien look to it. The end result makes for a much more difficult to paint symbol, but a simplified version can be used on troopers with the complex version used on flags.
I also had him do some for my mercenary unit the Manheim Friekompanie. This unit symbol is decidedly Prussian as the unit's commander claim German ancestry (as if it matters far in the future). I had him do a full and simplified version.

The last of them I had him do was a symbol for a Japanese mega corporation that I had created back in my cyberpunk days.


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  1. Cool stuff. Kind of reminds me of the flag I did for my Martian Imperials.


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