Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Sculpting Updates

Prang Trooper

Alien Prophet

Just a couple of things coming off the workbench. The Prang Trooper is an older sculpt I've been trying to clean up to current standards. The Alien Prophet is based on a drawing by my 8-yr old daughter.



  1. Sculpting is so cool, it's like making your own action figures. I really need to try my hand at it.

  2. Long live the Prang Hegemony! Great work Eli, keep those aliens coming!

  3. Thanks guys. Sculpting can be really fun, though there are some dull parts too.

    Starting a sculpt is always a rather bleh experience. Putting the armature together, trying to get it posed right and laying sown the initial putty is a snooze :)

    I now know why some sculptors like to work from dollies. There are, however, no dollies for cooky aliens.

  4. Sweet, more aliens! I'd love to have more Gizbins, Prangs and Trandans. The 'Prophet' could make a nice starport street-preacher, too! Excellent stuff.

  5. It all comes down to what Gavin says is selling.

  6. I just relay what the wargamers want my friend! Certainly there are no dollies for anything not human or near to human. Each of your designs is unique. But many gamers have asked for more Vergan, Prang and so on to add to their collections. As Blaster for Hire says he wants more...ah the responsibility of carrying dreams eh!

    Lovely work though Eli and I am sure Spacejacker and the others will be glad to see the above in the best medium of all White Metal.


  7. I am working on getting a couple of new Vergan out there. Tentacles are a pain in the ass to sculpt.

    I had a third Prang sculpt but he met with a horrible accident.....sad panda face.

    There are some other minis I haven't shown. Seems this batch features quite a few large aliens. I think the hobby needs more aliens of odd sizes.


    1. Yeah, I'd say thats what I like most about your alien sculpts. There are big ones, small ones, some as big as your head! Variety is the spice of life after all.

  8. I do have a street performer with a floppy hat and bongo drum :)

  9. She'll need a friend playing the electric bagpipes!


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