Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Building a Setting - GTA Tracker Teams

Though the majority of the Galactic Trade Authority activities are conducted within the confines of specific star systems, there is an arm of the GTA that is tasked with extending its authority on an interstellar level.

When a violator of GTA laws passes beyond the reach of local system authorities, the authority activates a Tracker Team. These specialist teams are made up of hand-picked, specially trained Nalween and occasionally other species. They operate with the best equipment that the Nalween fortunes and influence can attain, having their own ships, their own facilities and a network of contacts and support that extends throughout known space. Tracker teams have absolute authority over all other GTA facilities, personnel and material in any system. 

These teams will follow violators onto worlds outside GTA or even Galactic Council jurisdiction. Capture for trial and justice is the highest order of business and Tracker Team members will go to any length, short of direct violation of galactic law, to bring in their marks. Tracker Teams do not collect bounties. They do not take bribes. They do not compromise, negotiate, or otherwise bend in the course of their duties.

The reputation of the GTA Trackers, as their individual members are known, is such that many perpetrators will willingly turn themselves in once confronted by a team. In other cases, they will flee as long as they can until they can either slip their pursuers, convince them of their own demise or in some cases turn themselves over to some other authority, knowing that the GTA must concede authority to local and regional authorities when there is conflict. In particularly sensitive cases, the GTA may petition to have offenders remanded to their own custody, but this is usually only invoked when the offenses span multiple systems or there is reason to question the ethics of the authority being petitioned.


  1. Lovely narrative Eli. :-)

    What system is it for?


  2. No real system in mind. These are simply setting ideas I've been kicking around for use with my 15mm scifi minis.


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