Monday, June 4, 2012

What a Piece of Junk...

Well DUH!

It's supposed to be.

Another project that I am working on right now is a post-apocalyptic protected dwelling. Designed to represent a shelter and strong point made from scavenged bits of metal, wood, fencing and such, this is a large dwelling that could easily house a few families in tight quarters. 

The building is constructed from various bits of scrap. Old Warhammer spell cards provided the majority of the individual pieces which were glued together with pieces of balsa and other plastic and card bits over a basic framework of bamboo skewers. The were glued in a haphazard manner suggesting a hastily built shelter put together by folks who might not  be the best at construction. 

To make the structure more useful for miniatures games, I added a shielded balcony structure from which defenders could repel attackers as they clambered up the rocky mound of rubble upon which the structure is built. The are to the right of the balcony will be fenced in to provide a yard for livestock as well as providing a fenced impediment to attackers.

On the side opposite of the balcony is a crude portcullis style gate above which is an open fighting platform from which the gate can be scrutinized and defended. Windows and loopholes between the wall panels allow for additional visibility and firing ports.

The roof is removable to allow for placement of figure in the upper floor. The mast in the center of the structure will be given a lookout platform to finish the design. Additional details will be added as I get the pieces but I plan on adding wire fences and defensive barriers that will channel attackers. Additional pieces of rubble will also be added to taste.

I'll show more pictures as the project progresses.



  1. This looks fantastic, nice work!

  2. Neat! I look forward to seeing the finished project.

  3. very nice! whats the material you've used for the portcullis and balcony grill looks dead useful stuff

  4. Vinyl cross stitch mesh taken from the wife's stock. Look in the fabric or yarn craft sections

  5. Great idea and scratch-work!


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