Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Strange Visitor from Another Planet...

   Yup, that would be me. Definitely strange.

   Anyway, I am invading Eli's house here because I need some help, and he, frankly, has a wider followership than my blogs do. So I hope this translates into more people who can help me out.

   Here's the issue: my best friend Jim has had to move across the state to get a new job with the railroad (insert "I've Been Working on the Railroad" jokes here). So, gaming in person is pretty much a no-go. Maybe I should mention that we live in Texas, and he's right at 600 miles from here now.

   So we thought maybe the internet could come to the rescue. I know about Skype's existence, and I set up an account. But that is about all I know about it. Can anyone here give me some pointers on how best to game via Skype?

   I do have a large flat screen TV on the wall of the game room, which can connect as a monitor to one of my laptops. I figure that will be good for seeing him. As far as him seeing us... all I have is integrated webcams on two laptops. And smartphones. But I figure the laptops are a better idea, right?

  Help the mildly technologically challenged!

  Thanks ladies and gents!


  1. Freaky.. double post from scattergun gamer?

  2. I wouldn't have thought of Skype myself, you'll have to wait for the more gifted to come along!

  3. I got nothing, good luck to you.

  4. I have played on-line for many years, albeit RPG's. I used mIRC, but know of folks that have used Skype. One thing about Skype is you have to be patient with it, as it is prone to throwing a shoe quite often.

    I do recommend, however that you get a hold of a good on-line tabletop program. I have used Maptools to great success. It is a free program and can be adapted to practically any game. Miniatures might be out of the question, but if you make tokens to represent your figures, you could still play, although it would feel a lot like a board game.

    One great feature of Maptool is that you can create your own maps or import maps.

    The biggest problem I had with Maptool is that I could not host connecting through a home network. The host computer needs to be connected directly to the internet.

    Hope this helps some. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.


  5. Contact Maff and Mark, I believe they wargame using Skype:

  6. I lurk a few blogs that have an answer for you ready to go. It is Google+ Hangouts. Checkout this irreverent take on how they set one up.

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  8. I have to second the Google+ Hangouts. I've both hosted and participated in sessions, and it's so incredibly easy!


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