Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alphabet Fail

I gave it a good try but I have to admit that the more I ran with the A to Z project, the more I realized that I was never going to find something for every letter. I am sure that if I dug down deep I could, but at that point the project begins to feel like work and I really don't want to labor through the posts.

So, sorry to disappoint folks but I'm not going to be doing "S" through "Z".



  1. But you have certainly been exercising, as Offissa Pupp of Coconino County said about Krazy Kat, your "nimble noodle!" Thanks! BTW: Krazy Kat is my favorite comic strip of all time.

  2. Ah well... it shouldn't be something that isn't fun. The whole point is to enjoy it!

  3. "Recession causes 1/3 reduction of Alphabet"

  4. One of the reasons I didn't give it a go myself as well!

  5. I got your back Eli, I'll pick up where you left off.

    Thanks for leaving me the hard letters, ahem!


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