Wednesday, September 14, 2011

D30 Lizardman Variants

When orcs, goblin, bugbears and ogres are old or the weather is a bit too warm for hairy brutes, A DM can always count on a little help from his cold-blooded friends the Lizardmen. Lizardmen are an exotic addition to any adventure and can add a little bit of spice to the humdrum. But do all lizardmen need to be alike?

There have been some variations on lizardmen that have been done over the years, but many of them are total rewrites of the the creature. But a few simple tweaks here and there can certainly add a little variety. Presented here are some quick tweaks to the basic lizardman that a DM can use on the fly.
  1. Horned: +1 additional gore attack for 1d6 damage.
  2. Light Absorbing Scales: Hide in Shadows as a 4th level thief.
  3. Horny Hide: +1 AC bonus
  4. Acid Spit: Spit acid up to 10' inflictig 1d4 acid damage per turn.
  5. Blinding Spit: Critical hit with this attack causes blindess for 1d4 turns
  6. Leaping: Pounce attack has a 3 in 6 chance of knock opponent down.
  7. Venom: Poison bite attack.
  8. Carrion Eaters: Attacks cause disease on a 3 in 6.
  9. Savage: Berserk in combat.
  10. Agile: +1 AC vs missile attacks
  11. Chameleonic: Limited invisibility
  12. Poisonous Skin: Physical contact inflicts poison.
  13. Stink: Horrible odor causes nausea. All opponents -2 to hit.
  14. Prehensile Tail: +1 weapon attack
  15. Arboreal: Move through trees at normal movement rate.
  16. Regenerating: Heal 1d4 HP per round.
  17. Weapon Tail: +1 attack; 1d6 damage
  18. Large: +1 HD; +2 damage
  19. Huge: +2 HD; +4 damage
  20. Armored: +3 AC Bonus
  21. Independent Eyes: May see in two directions at once. Never surprised.
  22. Sticky Tongue: Grab attack up to 5' away.
  23. Spiky Hide: Grappling attacks against the creature inflict 1d4 damage.
  24. Climatic Adaptation: The lizardmen are adapted for a climate that is not suitable for them.
  25. Enhanced Natural Weapons: Possessed of more effective natural weapons. +2 damage to non-weapon attacks.
  26. Natural Spell Like Ability: Pick a spell of level three or less. Can be cast 2/day.
  27. Sonic Bellow: Special attack causes confusion.
  28. Gaping Maw: Special attack swallows on a 1 in 6.
  29. Roll twice.
  30. Roll thrice.


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