Saturday, September 10, 2011

Classic Figs To Good Home

A while back I discovered this pack of Citadel miniatures in my garage. I have no use for them, but seeing as they have some value, I thought I might post these up in hopes of finding a nice trade. 

The pack is 1105 BARBARIANS and features two wonderful barbarian figures in a solid 28mm scale. One is advancing with a two-handed axe while the other, a good likeness of Conan, is posturing with his sword. Both are in classic loin cloth and muscles Frank Frazetta barbarian style. The figures are in splendid condition with nothing in the way of corrosion or erosion of the details.

Being OOP and from a kinder, gentler time in Citadel's history before it was simply the miniatures arm of Games Workshop's in-house games, these figures have a lot of character that we really don't seem to see much of in the newer, more cookie cutter figures from Games Workshop.

What am I looking for? Well I'll start with best offer and go from there. I am not looking to make a ton, and can certainly provide a list of minis that I am looking for.

Mainly I am looking for -
28mm Hundred Years War (Old Glory, Perry, Front Rank)
28mm War of the Roses (Old Glory Perry, Front Rank)
28mm Vikings
28mm Dark Ages Peasants
28mm Wild West

I'm also willing to entertain other offers on a case by case basis. As a miniatures gamer, my interests are far-ranging and you may have something that I could use that escapes me at the time of this writing.


If you want 'em, let's talk trade!



  1. These are nice! I wish I had some figs that you need to trade, I've got some Vikings (a lot of WF vikings as well).

  2. Some classic figs there. Always loved 'em.

  3. And if you can't find any decent trades, what's the $20 mark sound like?

  4. I am right there with you Eli. I have always lives the Dragon and Dragon II series box sets and have often considered collecting them. Good find. Isn't it great finding treasure in out own homes?

  5. Ooo, very Conan! A shame I've nothing to swap with though. Lovely what gems can be hidden, even in your own persona dungeon sometimes.

  6. Dammit Eli. I keep forgetting I have some Vikings to send you. Email me your address again. Again.



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