Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why So Quiet Around Here?

You may have noticed that things have slowed down around ISLP. I am sorry for this, but there's a good reason for most of it.

First of all, I've been trying to put a little less time into my hobbies and more time with the family. This is something I must admit being a bit remiss on in the past.

In addition to this, I have been joined the crew of Dropship Horizon and have been doing a fair bit of work with the behind the scenes stuff there. I haven't been posting much to DH, but I am also the keeper of their mailbox.

I've also been putting a lot of time into my sculpting and designing for sculpting. As well as my own sculpting projects, I have been working with various folks in a behind the scenes capacity. Nothing major, but enough to occupy some of my time.

This is all on top of the the grass roots miniatures gaming "activism" I've been up to on The Miniatures Page. Believe it or not, years worth of making noise on various topics on the forums there seems to finally be rendering some results. The squeaky wheel really does get the kick!

I haven't abandoned the blog by any means, but I've just been busy elsewhere. I've got stuff I am working on and the occasionally topic worth posting does come up, but the time to sit down and create interesting blog posts is what I really seem to lack these days.

Rest assured that I will post something here when I can put together something that I feel is interesting enough to post.

Perhaps you could take a moment and chime in to let me know what all you have enjoyed about ISLP over the years. It may just give me an idea!




  1. Busty elsewhere? Little Freudian slip? :) I'm an infrequent commenter on blogs (something to rectify) but I've enjoyed your adventures in sculpting and the progress you've been making, as well as the mix of genres on the blog. We all get sidetracked once in a while - keep up the good work you're doing.

  2. Will always visit when you post but other than that I don't know what to recommend.


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