Thursday, August 11, 2011

Minis Ready to Go!

Alright folks,

It's been a bit since I've posted any sculpting pics, but I have been working on some stuff. I've got about ten figures ready to go on their way to for their SHM miniatures line. These greens/greys will be looked over by Gavin and hopefully will go into production.

The first shot is just to show scale. The Uhul on the left in about 20mm tall.


Uhul shaman
Starport scum

Alien Raider Captain

Alien w/ Cane

Alien bystander

Alien Mercenary

Robed Alien

Starport Urchins & Friend


  1. cool looking bunch of figures, well done.

  2. Man, you are rolling along quite well. I like all the the ones with "alien" in their title the best. But the starport ones are pretty cool too. Alien Raider Captain may be my favorite, but the bystander is cool too.

  3. Hope they go into production.

    Just made my first order from yesterday. Looking forward to them.

  4. There's some interesting looking aliens there! I'll definitely order some of those!

  5. Some nice figures there - love the shaman

  6. These are really good, Eli. You've created an entire crowd scene! Well done.

  7. Those look great. Theres a scarcity of civilian mini's in 15mm, let alone alien civvies.

  8. Hey, good for you Eli. You've got some interesting stuff there.

  9. Thank you all for the kind words. I've been feeling bad about not having much to show on this blog.

    Sculpting occupies a lot of my creative energies these days but i think it's paying off.

    As for the civilians, there does seem to be an absence of them in the market. Civilians present me with a chance to work on the creative aspects of sculpting while I am still learning how to do some of the trickier things like hard tech, weapons, gear, etc..

    Funny thing is, the hardest thing to sculpt seems to be a human in plain armor.


    Word verification: latte.

    Don't mind if I do.


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