Friday, July 22, 2011

Mother Load Find!

Holy crap!

I haven't seen this stuff in over ten years.

I was on a quest for bits to use in my recent spat of terrain building and noticed a bin hiding in a corner of my garage shelves. On the outside it looked like just another bin full of bits and this and that. then, I noticed a miniature down in the depth of the collected containers, leftover sprue, plastic packaging. It was a wood elf archer.

Why would a wood elf archer be doing in the bottom of a terrain bits box?

Unearthing the bin from the shelf, I started to dig and found more and more interesting things not seen since my bachelor days with the gaming roommates. Miniature after miniatures was sifted from the junk, some of them in their original packaging. I had to dig more.

In all, the following things were excavated. No final tally yet, but it looks like -

8 x 28mm Harlequin Wood Elf Archers
30 x 28mm Old Glory Imperial Roman Legionaries
16 x 28mm Old Glory Late Roman Cavalry in scale male.
1 x Narn Dreadnought
1 x pack of GZG NSL fighters
1 x pack of GZG NAC heavy fighters
1 x old blue card Citadel fantasy early slot based fighters (2)
4 x partial (maybe complete) old resin and metal Grenadier Future Warriors vehicle kits.
1 x near complete plastic Warhammer Fantasy orc chariot.

Insane that I had all this laying in a bin. I must have swept a shelf when I moved out of the old house with the room mates and just forgotten about them. After that they likely got shifted from box to box and eventually ended up in this bin.

A good day. Now, to go clean up my garage.



  1. Nice! I've got some Marauder Seal Elf minis that still hold up nicely.

  2. Awesome aint it? It's like a delayed blast Christmas.

  3. Nice dude ... you aren't telling us about the playboys you found as well. I know there in the garage somewhere ... lol.

  4. Beats finding a mummified cat in the bin.

    Not that that has ever happened to me, you see. But I know some people who had a bad experience...

  5. I actually found just that in a shed at the farm I grew up on. Favorite cat, missing for months, turns up in shed, wound up in bailing twine.

    Grim...very grim...



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