Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cool Spaceport Terrain Projects

One of my bigtime dreams is to be able to create a spaceport for my sci-fi miniatures gaming. I've been collecting styro packing and interesting bits for years in hopes that someday I'll be able to have enough materials and time to build a tabletop full of terrain. So far, I've barely scratched the surface on this with only a couple bits here and there and a few aborted attempts. But there are those who have dived on this sort of thing and produced some awesome stuff.

Today's post is not about my stuff, but a shout out to the awesome work being done by a couple of other bloggers.

First off is Nathan miller of Nathan "Ironworker" Miller's Miniature Games. Nathan has an absolutely awesome collection of 28mm starships for his equally awesome starport terrain. He's collected all sorts of food containers, toy bits and scratch built stuff into a grimy, gritty starport. His spaceships are a collection of toys and models with slight mods and clever paint jobs to make them fit in with his 28mm figures.

Another starport modeller is Chris from Chris' Miniature Woes. Chris has just started with his project, also in 28mm. He's found some cool forklifts for cheap and also has come up with a cool tow rig. Looking forward to seeing where this project goes.

This is some really inspiring stuff and seriously makes me want to sideline my other projects to work on something similar in 15mm. I won't of course - I'm already behind enough - but it's tempting. these guys are putting together some good stuff and not just their starport terrain. Check them out.

Have fun!



  1. Thanks man! I've always enjoyed your blog as well.

  2. This is so hilarious, you are a DAY ahead of me in posting on other people's starports!

    I was also going to mention Scott Pyle's starport stuff:

    I guess I'll can my queued post...bastardo!

  3. Thanks very much! Very flattering :)

  4. You guys totally deserve it. Amazing work all around and can't wait to see more.



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