Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Like Me...

So, it just so happens that I See Lead People has received not one, but two Stylish Blogger Nominations. I am sure there are blogs out there that will collect more, but for me this is most gratifying. I've always treated this blog as a place to share ideas and to interact with gamers and never expected it to become something popular by any means.

The Stylish Blogger Award given from one blogger to another one might say, is like a pat on the back for a good job. It's definitely a viral, zombie-like spread of good will so it's too good to pass up. I was awarded mine yesterday and have been thinking a little on who to nominate myself. There are four rules:
  • Thank and link back to the person giving you the award
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award

So, first of, let me thank the two bloggers that nominated me here. Gyro from Mik's Minis and Baron VonJ from The Baron's Blog. Both these guys run stellar blogs, so for them to recognize me is a big deal as far as I'm concerned.

The Baron runs a sweet blog filled with 18th century imagi-nation goodness as well as another cool blog called Beyond the Wall which chronicles his old school fantasy RPG campaign. Both blogs feature great art by the blogger himself with The Baron's Blog featuring miniatures as well.

Gyro's got himself a good ol' fashioned gamer's blog with Mik's Minis. Like I See Lead People, he may have started out with miniatures on the blog (they make for nifty pics) but he also covers books, RPGs, board games and all manner of geekitude. Gyro is also one of the leads on a cool real play podcast called Minions of the Monster Master where he and his regular gaming buddies allow us to peak into their regular gaming sessions. things...ugh..
  1. I so hate talking about myself, but here goes.
  2. I hate time travel.
  3. I love Doctor WHO.
  4. I am addicted to soda for the fizz.
  5. Napping is a hobby for me.
  6. I talk too much
  7. I am known for sound effects and funny voices.
Really, how to pick just a few blogs? I suppose I should go with those that I find myself checking out most frequently. These blogs are by no means the only blogs of quality out there, but they are the ones that i find myself returning to over and over.

Dropship Horizon - Run by my buddy Mark, this is one the the go-to blogs for anything and everything 15mm scifi and beyond. DH has a good spread of subject matter but it does focus mostly on 15mm science fiction miniatures from a variety of sources and subgenres.

Green Skeleton Gaming Guild - Another buddy's blog, this is a real gamer's blog with a combination of miniatures, RPGs and just plain geeky fun. Bill has a habit of digging up some of the coolest classic art from comics and science ifction literature.

Grognardia - Old School RPGs are given very serious and in-depth attention at this blog. Game theory, nostalgia, homebrew, product discussion, it's all here.

Iron Mitten - Amazingly painted miniatures, stylish cartooning and a wonderful senseo f attention to detail and style all culminate to make Iron Mitten a very top notch historical miniatures gaming blog. Not only can the guy paint, but he pulls from all manner of sources both historical and literary to come up with some striking miniatures.

Yours In a White Wine Sauce - A central blog for the VSF genre and the hobbies that go with it. A great news site for new products, pieces of media or just that cheeky bit of pluck, this is a great blog for steampunks everywhere.

Lonely Gamers - Another excellent site focused on historical miniatures. Lonely gamers brings to you brilliant images of masterfully painted miniatures.

Four-Color Figures - Scott brings you something new and painted nearly every couple of days on this blog. In addition to lovely miniatures, he also presents gaming ideas as well as pop culture tidbits such as old comic images. He's even started to release his own small line of miniatures.

Carmen's Fun Painty Time - A true artist's site. Carmen is an amazing painter, sculptor, and modeler. Whether it is hand crafting an Old West town or bringing his own vision of the Ghostbusters to life, his artistic presentation of the miniatures hobby shines.  

Victoria's Boys in Red - Another blog brought to you by a buddy of mine, VBIR is a great blog that shows off one man's brilliant vision of his VSF universe. Mr. Womack presents to you bits and pieces collected from all corners of the miniatures market recruited into his own world. But it's not just about miniatures at VBIR. There are great bits of background material detailing the troops, creatures, equipment and background of Mr. Womack's universe.

Atom Kid & Maximum Rock and Role Play - Chad gets two here because he's got a couple of good ones. Atom Kid is his generic pop culture blog and he posts some awesome stuff there. Maximum Rock and Role Play is his gaming blog and focuses on RPGs and miniatures of all sorts.

Damf's Modelling Page - Tony's an all around great painter, modeller and builder. Here you will find everything from his own vision of Flash Gordon's universe to brilliantly made terrain and painted figs for the Flintloque fantasy Napoleonics wargame.

Doc Merkury's Lab - The Doc presents within the pages of his blog excellent images of miniatures wargaming on brilliantly built terrain and dedicated boards. Here you will also find previews of upcoming products as well as action reports of Iron Ivan games.

Ferrous Lands - A blog by a man with a love for the miniatures hobbies as well as gnomes. Andrew is an author and a wonderful artist.


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