Monday, April 25, 2011

Doctor Who Project

In honor of both the passing of actress Elisabeth Sladen (aka Sarah Jane Smith) and the beginning of the new Doctor Who season on BBC America, I decided I needed a TARDIS. Well, two more TARDISes, actually, as I already have the not-TARDIS manufactured by Miniature Building Authority for 25mm.

Or would the plural be TARDII? Whatever.

I started with the 6mm one. Not quite done, but I am happy so far.

 Front of the TARDIS

Side elevation

So I am making a TARDIS for 6mm and 15mm, just to drop one on the table as scenery on occassion. This one is close to done. I based it on plans online to build your own police box, then scaled it down accordingly (roughly).
I am sourcing figures now. As far as the Doctor, I will probably go with either Tom Baker (and Sarah Jane) or David Tennant and Rose (Billie Piper is such a hottie!). I'm leaning towards Baker, because he was the one I started watching back when, and he has K9. I will probably have to scratchbuild the K9. I love K9.


  1. It's not Latin, so TARDISes would seem likely.

    Or TARDIS might be the plural of TARDIS.

  2. Like deer, or moose?

    Always wondered why a goose becomes geese, but a moose never becomes meese. English. Daft language.

  3. Very nice scratchbuilding.

    Have you seen at all?


  4. Love seeing somebody else doing Dr Who related models - keep up the TARDIS building.

    I'm planning an interior for a Dalek ship and Cyber tombs soon.

  5. That's nice work in such a small scale, I take it you will have to scratchbuild the figures aswell.

  6. Thanks for the nice comments.

    I have seen the Steel on Sand blog. Very much an inspiration for this project.

    For figures, I am looking for civilian figs. I heard of using an Old West figure in 15mm for Tom Baker - broad brim hat, long coat - and scratching a scarf. Turn the gun into a sonic screwdriver (or a bag of Jelly Babies).

    K9 is pretty much a scratch job in anything but 25mm.

  7. I lead People gang....
    I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award:
    do with it what you will.


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