Thursday, April 28, 2011

Possible Upcoming D&D Campaign

So, my buddy Chuck has been working on something "top secret" for a bit and I just found out what it is, yesterday. It's a D&D campaign. Chuck's a great guy and a real gamer with a brain full of good ideas and an intellect to back them up. All that being said, I was not prepared for what he had left for me in prep for the game.

I got home to find out that he had dropped off a campaign packet with my wife. Inside this packet was quite a bit of stuff. Thoughtfully laid out, well written and in-depth it included -
  • A cover letter
  • 2 pages of brief history
  • One page of character assignments
  • 10 page, 51 question "Character Generation Survey"
  • Local Map
A daunting bit of work to be sure and way more than I have ever done up front on a campaign. In the packet, I found that I am to play a young shepherd's son. The campaign is supposed to be episodic, visiting the characters at levels 1, 5, 10, 14, and 20. In short, this will be a sort of quickstep through the lives of these adventurers instead of going level by level.

I must say that I'm intrigued by this approach. I've never run into something like this before in RPGs. I've done linked one-offs, episodic campaigns, and loose serial style games but never this sort of days in the lives sort of style. Having never played in an RPG with Chuck before I have no predispositions or apprehensions other than with some of the other players who i have also never gamed RPGs with.

Should be exciting.



  1. that sounds like a realy cool idea.

  2. I like the episodic idea. Please keep us updated on it.


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