Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm a Novice

So, the DM has scored my survey and the tally is in. Chuck's system uses answers to questions to determine attribute points, alignment, even skills and total "willpower points" which work like any number of fate point style systems.

After the final tally, I ended up with attribute points and skills most suitable for an Novice. I don't have to follow this path, but to follow another path might put me at a disadvantage. I ended up with 8 Willpower Points, the most of any player so far. The next down from me has 7. Evidently he even had four triggers built into the questionnaire that would trigger the Paladin class if you scored on all four. I missed Paladin by 1.

This character generation system was very interesting and I wish there was more of mechanic to it than the personal logic that the DM had programmed into it. I am sure that with some refinement, a formula could be created out of this to allow you to plug in details from whatever potential system you were going to use.

An added bonus to this system was that the questions were loaded with setting specific details such as holidays, cultural references and general setting details that helped you learn the world as you were answering the questions. Even though Chuck provided two pages of background briefing, I felt I had a better idea of the daily life of the setting after completing the survey.

A great idea, that promises to be the kickoff to a unique and entertaining game.



  1. That sounds pretty cool. I wonder if you could get Chuck's permission to post his survey, with the rules for the effects that the answers have, on your blog?

  2. I am working with him to see if he can refine it into a process that can be used as a template to make similar surveys for any game.

    I think this is a really cool way to generate characters and establish setting all in one.



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