Monday, March 7, 2011

Mr. Toad Goes to Space

Just a quick blurb of a nearly completed miniature.

This minis started out as a post-apocalyptic survivor, but he ended up way too big and dumpy and a total fail in that direction. So, not wanting to waste all the work I did on the body, I scraped off the gas mask and sculpted him a nice froggy mug. I refer to his species as, Huralsi. Totally off the cuff but it has a nice ring to it. He stands about 18mm tall.

I hate the photos that come off of this figure because he really does look a lot cleaner to the naked eye. Considering this is one of the first figures I ever started on that got sidelined back around November, I think he's turned around quite nicely. I want to clean up some of the lines on the legs and feet a bit but hopefully I'll find a way to get him into lead.

Thanks for looking,



  1. He looks like one of the bad guy aliens from The 5th Element.

    When I saw that movie and the screen displayed the title, I remember someone shouted out the actual 5th element from the periodic table "Boron!" Science humor!

  2. Hell comes to Frogtown, that's a nice sculpt, very nice.

  3. That really is a great save - the face and pose have it for me. Serendipity rules!

  4. There he
    Might eat my MURG Flies he

  5. I'm sure Mr. Badger tried talking Mr. Toad out of going into space to no avail.

  6. That would be a cool set of 15mm scifi figs - "The Wind in The Wormholes"


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