Monday, February 28, 2011

Old Aeronef Project Relocated

Back when this blog began, I had just discovered Aeronef and had grand dreams of custom building my own aerofleet. Unfortunately, the project never took off (like many) and disappeared into the junk boxes. The other day I found a couple of the airships that had managed to get to the painting stage.

These designs are something I'd like to revisit some day. I've learned a lot since then and would likely approach the project from an entirely different direction, but the basic designs of the airships is appealing and has potential.

Have fun and play hard!



  1. Bravo! I still like your initial ideas and concept for these

  2. I like these, was seriously thinking about buying some Dystopian Wars stuff on Sunday at Cavalier, really like the concept but you're way is far cheaper.

  3. Very nice! What are they made out of?

  4. Balsa, thin card, 1/72 tank wheels, plastic rod, and 15mm WW2 tank stowage.


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