Thursday, January 6, 2011

Retro Robot Ideas

The other day while sitting in Starbucks I looked at a faux retro poster they had on the wall that featured a tall, antique espresso machine and i struck me that the machine really looked like some sort of retro robot. I was unable to find the original Starbucks art for it but I went looking online and found a few that looked like something else.


Old Imperium Doom Drone
One of the earliest of the old Imperium's automated destroyer drones. Equipped with a pair of Phase 1 death ray emitters and an anti-gravity skirt for mobility it was made even more deadly by the inclusion of a stun rod and heat ray (shown on the left in their standby positions). It can be immediately recognized as Old Imperium by the inclusion of the regal Blood Hawk emblem atop its chassis.

Late Imperium Doom Drone
In the last days of the Old Imperium, the level of advancement in the Doom Drones had increased to the point where these drones were able to operate nearly completely autonomously across Imperial Space. The version above took advantage of recent advances in force field technology in the form of a pair of force shield arms that could be deployed for pinpoint deflection of ranged and melee attacks. This version does lack the secondary armaments of earlier drones and sports only a pair of smaller, but more powerful late model death ray emitters.


Mark VI Searcher Drone
With the New Imperium intent on hunting down and destroying the last vestiges of the Independence League, the need for small, agile drones has led to the creation of the Mark VI. Using the latest in anti-gravity, the Mark VI is capable of flight at any altitude. It is equipped with a rapid fire pulse cannon favored by New Imperium designers.

Trigon Drones
Trigon drones have become a common site in contested zones. Scattered by seeder ships, they fall to the ground forming clusters and swarms that sweep from one region to another destroying any life forms they come in contact with. Typically armed only with pulse cannons, the trigons constructed by the Togar warriors of Vulsa include a self-detonating spike defense initiated when the trigon is disabled or destroyed.


  1. Cool! I like the Sputnik look of the last two!

  2. Like the way this post went, good stuff.

  3. That's clever, and I wonder what it means - could it be only coincidence?

  4. Eli, I think you've had too much caffeine. hehe. Great stuff! A particular Dalek asked one fine morning "Would you like some tea sir?". Now I get it!

  5. You know, those look suspiciously like coffeemakers to me... another support for the Too Much Caffeine Theory, me thinks...


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