Friday, December 31, 2010

More Sculpting Fun

 I have been sculpting constantly since I started, with breaks on non-work days and occasional delays due to stiffness in my hands and wrist (likely due to the sculpting). I've got a few themes going on of late, as having a theme helps me get into the creative side of things.

The first row of figures represents a few of the aliens that I am working on for my 15mm scifi stuff. These are all Representative of scifi non-combat personalities. The left hand figure is an attempt at making a non-humanoid alien that was not frightening in its appearance. When he is finished he will have some sort of accessories or tech on him. The fellow in the middle started out as an "Alien Panhandler" but ended up looking like a "Space Monk". He has a particularly Jim Hensen look to him. I blame too many episodes of Fraggle Rock. The last figure, missing his arms and the rest of his clothes is an attempt at doing a more action-posed figure. He is in a full on run and will be useful as some sort of objective marker like a bounty or spy or some such. I am continuing the theme of aliens and hope to continue to create an ever-growing number of spaceport denizens ala Star Wars. Only the one in the center is finished.

The next row of figures are for 28mm scale. The two pics on the left are a WIP of a small troll figure. He is hunched over a sack, coveting its contents. I have yet to sculpt his arms and the hair that will cover his head. I plan to use him as an objective marker in some "Saga" play historical Dark Ages gaming.

The figure on the right is a dwarf to go along with my 28mm Vikings. He is not a dwarf in the fantasy sense but a dwarfed human. Unfortunately my camera has drown out his grizzled old features. He too will be used in the "Saga" historical games which will incorporate minor legendary and mythic elements.

I am still learning a lot as I go along and have had a few setbacks as I tried to run before I could even crawl, figuratively speaking. Those of you who have expressed an interest in being able to buy the Uhul miniatures will be interested to know that I have submitted them for consideration by for possible inclusion in their SHM (Self Help Miniatures) miniatures.line. I am waiting to hear back from them, but if they like them, and the figures are are able to be cast, they will be available for purchase. Here's crossing my fingers.

Take care and Happy New Years!



  1. Good luck - this is good stuff and deserves to get used.

  2. Fantastic - loving the Troll figure!

  3. Coming along nicely Eli


  4. I do not understand a thing you said, but I love the sculptures. Strong work!


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