Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sculpting Pics

I have been trucking along, but I am afraid that I cannot seem to make pieces that look as good in pictures as they do in person. I'll post them her with the one sugestion that you try not to view these too big. I'm not trying to hide anything, but blowing the pictures up too much really doesn't do my amatuerish sculpts much justice.

Uhul (Owl Humanoids) - Warrior, Chief, Warrior, Warior


  1. As far as I'm concerned they look superb, even up close, and the Uhuls especially not even amateurish. I say to you very well done!

  2. I have focused solely on 15MM work for the last few years...and from here as I Eye-Ball these...they look very decent.

    Keep working are on the way to being a fine sculptor.

    It ain't easy is it...nothing GOOD is...

  3. Thanks guys.

    I keep having to remind myself that I have only really been at it for two months now.

    What I need to work on most is finishing and fine detailing. I also think I may be trying to do too much detail in 15mm.


  4. They look great! Looking forward to seeing more...

  5. There is NO REASON why 15MM Miniatures can not look as good as 30MM.
    The only problem you have (and it is not a problem really) is that you have not worked long enough to train your eye to know what you can show, and what you do not need to try to do, in this scale.

    Keep are doing fine.

  6. Dude, are you kidding me? These look fantastic, much better than some of the 15mm I've paid money for in the past.

    So what's the plan here? How do we get our hands on some of these?

  7. Well, I am trying to figure that out. Producing them myself will take some doing, but there are some options for getting them out through others, but that also takes doing of anotherk ind.


  8. Excellent job! VERY professional quality IMHO. This is why I really want Eli to do the masters for the WTNW Conflict on Mars miniature line.

    BTW I want some of these.

  9. Those Uhuls are superb! Do you think you might do a few with guns as some sort of SF primitives like the Lhurgg?

    As for getting them made, has just launched a line promoting new sculptures so that could be worth a look, otherwise what about Khurasan Miniatures?

  10. You mention that you have only been doing this for 2 months.
    Yet here is an attempt to sculpt from more than a year ago.

    I am confused...

    So how long have you been trying to learn how to sculpt?

  11. Ah, that little dude.

    Totally forgot about him. He was an early attempt, true enough, but he wasn't part of an actual dedicated attempt to try and teach myself.

    I slapped that together on a lark and to be honest, had completely forgotten about him. As you can see there has been nothing really between then and now.

    I should did him up and see if I can salvage him knowing what I do now. Or, maybe it's time for a Mark 2.

    Seriously though, I have only been really working at learning to sculpt for the last two months, but I make no secrets that this is based on years of doing conversions and such on miniatures for years.

    I guess I finally took the plunge so to speak and decided it was time to stop dipping my toe in or wading waist deep in the sculpting pool.

    Thanks for digging this guy up.


  12. I started with conversions too.
    You could fix him up.

  13. The Uhul are really great, you should really be proud of them, Eli. Tons of character.

  14. The Uhul look fantastic!

    They may have to become my 15mm birdmen of Venus...

  15. Very well detailed! I much prefer 15 mm because any heavy vehicles are affordable!


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