Thursday, December 2, 2010

ArmChairGeneral: WTNW - Conflict on Mars Scenarios

We have some exciting news here at ACG!

There will be two versions of the book available for download from the wargamevault site, one black and white giving the game a more rustic look and one color version. The color version will also be available as a print-on-demand! Both versions feature the full rules and original artwork Quick Reference Charts and Army Turn Tracker charts to maintain your command point expenditures. This final version of the Core II rules has 10 army lists including Two British, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, French, CSA, USA and the Turks! It also includes the army build system and a blank army roster that you can photocopy at the back of the book.
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ArmChairGeneral: WTNW - Conflict on Mars Scenarios

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