Sunday, October 10, 2010

*Sniff*'s...*sniff sniff* beautiful...

Get it together man!

Alright, I'm better now.

While I was checking blogs and email tonight, my youngest (7) comes up to me and asks, "Daddy, did mommy tell you I was making up my own role-playing game?"

"Really?!" I am a very happy man, needless to say.

"Yeah, it's a game where you play a person stranded on an island and you have to find your way back to your home island,"  she explains with a missing-toothed smile.

She then goes on to pull out her new gaming notebook (quoir music?) and shows me, of all things, the character sheet she has drawn. I am then shown that her sheet includes such things as "Attack Points", "X.P." (she said it that way), "Damage Points", etc..

I must have looked like a moron grinning so wide like I was.

I must be doing somethign right.

G'night everyone,



  1. Good Job, Gamer Dad!

    My sons bugged me all day yesterday and today about playing more. Seems they enjoyed it Friday night. Oh well, it'll be three weeks until the next game.

  2. She 7 huh? So I have another 5 years to wait for mine to start rolling the dice.
    Most excellent indeed!


  3. Congratulations. Your padawan learner is becoming a jedi!

  4. A great post - and you must be so, so proud.

    Well done and I look forward to seeing this ground-breaking new roleplaying game in print.


  5. You know what is just as heart-warming as the post itself? The fact that kids these days have the loving and interested gamer parents that a lot of US lacked when we were growing up.

    How many of us got a deep sigh when we picked a Monster Manual over a baseball. Or if your parents supported your hobby, they sure didn't want to get into it?

  6. Eli, you have inspired me to relate my Gamer Dad moments as well:

    My life seems to be gamer centered at times and with 3 boys and a symapathetic wife, its more than I could have hoped for.

    I am putting together a binder for my 10 yr old for xmas that has punched versions of B/X books, B1, B2,B3, graphic and hex paper, a whole bunch of charcater sheets, and hopefully a copy of the Monster and Treasure Assortment.

  7. Great job Eli the Gamer Daddy. I really love it when my kids come to me with stuff they want to play.


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