Monday, October 11, 2010

15mm Mutant Future Find
Do They Really Eat Anything?

Every once in a while I stumble on something while looking for something else. I have long had a love/hate relationship with Irregular Miniatures. Irregular has an incredibly extensive line of ranges in various scales including the only line of 2mm out there (something I love) but their quality and scaling can be a bit hit and miss. But this is not a critique of Irregular.

What I did find are a few good minis for Mutant Future type RPGs or minis games in 15mm. In their 15mm scifi range they have several goat-type beast men. These are an obvious nod to the old days of GW's 40K universe where you had beast troopers. They are not the most amazing minis, but I find that the scuzzy twisted post-apocalyptic future can be a bit forgiving.

5SF34 Space goatman with laser rifle

5SF35 Space goatman with gattling gun heavy weapon
5SF36 Space goatman communications officer
5SF37 Space goatman standard bearer
5SF38 Space goatman officer

These figures date back to 2007 but seem to depict some good old school style mutant animals with big ski goggles, bandoleers and such. They would make a great gang for Mutants and Death Ray Guns or a menace for your heroes.

If you wanted to add some lower tech troops to fill out their ranks or your like your beastmen a bit less well-equipped, Irregular also offer fantasy goatmen with melee weapons. Their shields looks simple enough to have been cobbled together out of the wreckage. You could also cut off their shields and swords to replace them with improvised weapons. I can say from experience that these conversions are pretty simple to do. Street sign shields are pretty easy to make out of stiff card and wicker is easy enough to make out of a piece of green stuff.


  1. I have a fair amount of Irregular's 15mm historicals and really like them, FWIW.

    Stay far, far away from their 25mm Sci Fi.

  2. So are you on the Lamb Eli? (sorry, couldn't resist).. :D

    These are pretty neat though considering that most fantasy games need beastmen and some sci fi games can use them as well.

  3. These are cool! I've never owned any irregular minis, I should check them out.

    Back when I played 40K they used to have beastmen in the Imperial Guard. They've since purged that from the canon, but they did exist.

  4. @Duck Sauce - I have bought some of their FIW stuff and it was pretty good and their Balkan Wars stuff looks pretty nice.

    @ACG - Not sure most fantasy games need them, but they are cool minis. I can't say I've ever used beastmen like this in any of my RPGs except Warhammer.

    @ATom Kid - Back in the day I madly collected and converted beast troopers. I was very bent when they removed them from the list. But then again, GW has a tendancy to white wash all its armies.

    This is the second time this week that I have had a chance to discuss the former diversity that GW used to have within army lists in the past. There was a time when armies had a rich texture of troops in them.

  5. Yep back with the zoats and the real bad Arse dragons and magic when there were two Fantasy books. One Army book and one Rules book. It was the bomb!

  6. Zoats rocked.

    And I miss the flavour of the mid-90s Imperial Guard regiments.

    Regarding these minis, nothing says 'post-apocalpytic" like a nail-studded baseball bat and a stop sign shield. Probably an easy conversion, too.


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