Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Weeks Without Play

So, after a good strong start two weeks ago, my Pulp Mini Six game has seen two weeks of non-play.

The first week was something I could live with. We were all a bit out of sorts that day with one of the players literally falling asleep as we talked in the pre-game chat session. We ended up spending the afternoon with my brother (the other player) and myself selling the other guy on the joys of Dr. WHO and then my buddy and I turning the tables on my brother and letting him know why Star Trek: Enterprise was likely one of the better Star Trek shows that never stood a chance (another time on that one). We also tried to spend the chat time being productive and attempting to hammer out some of the details for the upcoming Burning Wheel campaign which produced the first little teaser post.

This week is the one that stuck in my craw a bit. After having contacted both players and conceded that they both said they would be running about the same amount of time late, I was all jazzed to get things going. I had finally hammered out a few choice encounters and written up some key stat blocks and such. The Jungle of Fear awaited them. However, only one of them even showed up.

My brother, never overly strong in the communication department, left me hanging. I realize that he's got some pretty tough stuff going on in his life with trying to find work and the like, but it's not hard to shoot me a text to let me know you wont' be making it. I'm modern enough to have embraced the concept that I really don't even need to use the phone for talking anymore. So, with only one of two players, I couldn't really play AGAIN.

Good thing for me that the guy who did show up and I have a miniatures project brewing on the side that has been sitting idle while we have been waiting for some time to work on it. No role-playing? Shift gears and work on finishing head swaps to give my new army some LMG troopers and for him to clean up and assemble the artillery I donated to his cause. By the way, I do not think I will be attempting another head swap on a prone 15mm machinegunner again for a while.

Hopefully I'll be able to produce some more posts on my own work soon. I know this blog has been a lot more about product anouncements, food reviews and the like lately. I try to make these entertaining and useful too, but I know they are not a substitute for good ol' hobby eye candy.

Thanks for sticking with me. You folks are the best.


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