Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adventure on the Horizon

Valderia was in trouble.

For the last 500 years, the empire had grown from it's beginnings as a land-locked nation of merchants and bandits until it was as it was today. From the Myrion Mountains to the west all the way to the seven provinces of the eastern shore and beyond the sea to the colony of Ralencia, Valderia had expanded, fattening itself on the meat of conquest. But now, there was little meat to be had.

The High King was vexed by his inability to expand across the mountains to the west, repelled at every attempt by the hordes of unclean beasts and filth that held those lands in their undeserving grasp. And if that was not enough, the folk of Nordwyn were in rebellion again, costing the empire vast sums of money in troops and material. Restlessness in the provinces also demanded imperial attention as well. If the empire was to continue it would need new sources of plunder, resources, and goods for trade.

A call had been sent out across the empire, summoning all able-bodied men of initiative to lend themselves to the cause of Valderian expansion. To those willing to take up the banner of imperialism, there was wealth and favors to be had. To those who succeeded - fame, position, and the gift of land.

My brother has been talking up the Burning Wheel system for some time. I have to say that I like what I've heard and after making my first sample character, we already had a story idea in mind for the game. Borrowing an imperialistic low-magic nation with roughly late medieval technology we came up with the concept of playing enterprising sell swords who take on an imperial contract to explore distant lands for the sake of conquest and exploitation.

We will begin playing out some role-playing sessions in the Empire of Valderia itself as we jockey for favor over the other contracting bands. I am sure there will be plenty of intrigue as we navigate courtly politics and the dark barrows of private financing, recruiting and competition for the promise of riches and fame.

Hoping to get this going as soon as we finish the first adventure in my Pulp Mini Six game.

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  1. I recommend that the kneecaps of rival contractors be introduced to Mister Ballpeen Hammer. It works for the Mafia.

  2. Sounds fun, look forward to hearing about your games. A lot of people seem to like Burning Wheel, although it seems to rules heavy for my enjoyment, and we didn't really care for Mouse Guard. I've heard that the new Adventure Burner book is extremely useful.

  3. From what I can see from reading through it and listening to my brother's lengthy explinations, It seems more rules heavy than it is because it handles so many RPG concepts differently than other systems do.

    Therefore, it is not so much rules heavier but learning curve heavier because you cannot apply as much of what you have learned through playing other systems to the rules.

    When it comes to playing the game, it seems like a lot of the rules are built to come about rather intuitively once you are familiar with them. The way that skills work, for example, seems like it is a lot more realistic in a lot of ways than some other systems I have played.


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