Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primaeval Designs Update

28mm Neanderthal Set #2 -
Primaeval Designs/Acheson Creations
Hey all,

Richard Deasey, the sculptor for Primaeval Designs announced today that the folks over at Acheson Creations have updated their online store to include items that are/have been in production but do not have pictures available yet. Previously, they had only wanted to show minis that had painted figures ready. It is my understanding that this will also be updated to show raw figures in addition to the painted figures.

This is a great change and I personally hope this helps the range take off. I have seen the greens for the whole range over at the Yahoo Group and their Primaeval's Facebook page. I would order anything in this range site unseen, but that is just me.

Go ahead and give it a look!




  1. Really Rob? These are some of the most affordable dinos out there. $8 for a 28mm dino? Even something as big as a sauropod or Kong-sized gorilla comes in under $30. If found their prices to be incredibly reasonable especially in a world full of $50-100 wargames models. Their spinosaurus, likely one of the biggest dinos you will buy is $38.

  2. These are cool! I saw that Rebel Minis is doing 15mm cavemen.

  3. You're such a frothing fanboy, Eli...

  4. Note: Not that it is a bad thing, you see...


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