Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My New Favorite Cheese

Gamers are grubbers too but we often end up stuffing out faces with the latest bag of crap. My wife and I have been trying to expand our pallets a bit of late and in doing so have stumbled on some nice little treats. One of these is Cahill's Irish Whisky Cheese.

At $6.12 for 0.340 lbs ($17.99/LB) it's not a cheap cheese, but it's not the most expensive either. this cheese has a delicious flavor that combines a creamy, slightly tangy cheese with the slightest hint both in taste and smell of whisky. The combination is to die for an is a most satisfying (and addicting) treat. We picked it up at a local high-end grocery so it shouldn't be too hard to locate and as the labelling indicates it's actually made in Ireland it's likely available throughout the US and other places.

Have a taste!


P.S. I know it's not lead, but a gamer's gotta eat!


  1. The great taste of cheese, the great taste of whiskey, combined to make Whiskey Cheese.

    Can't think why no-one thought of it earlier. Perhaps port and Stilton now has a competitor?

  2. Love cheese. One of the crisper drawers in our fridge is dedicated to cheese. It's the cheese drawer. Some visitors find this weird.

  3. This is like bacon vodka in reverse.

    Maybe if you ate this cheese and drank bacon vodka, you'd get a hell of a buzz and a smokey cheesy bacon goodness factor of ridiculous proportions...


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