Monday, August 23, 2010

When The Navy Walked or Why I'm a Bad Gamer Buddy

Hello all,

It's time for me to do something I should have and was supposed to have done a while back. Some of you who read the blog the Armchair General blog will already know that Rob over there is working on his own set of VSF rules called "When the Navy Walked". These are his own ambitious labor of love and he's already released a version for PDF purchase over at Wargame Vault.

Now, I have to admit, that my involvement in this product is a little on the lesser side than I might have liked. Rob did approach me to do some art for him but I didn't feel that my skills and style were up to drawing VSF machinery and so I passed. I have provided some design ideas, brainstormed, and helped with concept work, but for the most part I'm just a casual helper on this.

What Rob has done with WTNW is to try and update the typical VSF storyline to a little later in history than it usually gets played. It's my understanding that he's saddled it around the early 20th century and so is going for less of a Victorian feel to his world. He's got Mars in the setting (to be detailed in a future supplement) and has populated it with all manner of species very much like a Burough's type Mars.

Give it a check and let Rob know what you think.




  1. I am still laughing at the title. It's quite alright my friend. Don't beat yourself up! I'm behind on the Mars project anyway.

  2. I also have been remiss in mentioning When the Navy Walked on VBIR. I think because I wanted to put something about it into The Aethergraph first. And before doing that, I wanted to play a few games. And that meant minis. And so on...

    Heck, I even helped do some of the work on the Ver 2.0! *hangs head in shame*

  3. I still need to get the Mars supplement out there and get it available for print on demand. I really want to set it up nicely so I am taking my time. In the works though are the Air Pirates and Martian supplements. THanks guys!


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