Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Crusader Officer (From
I seem to have fallen under the spell of these quirky anteaters again!

I'm not quite sure how to put my finger on it but somethign keeps drawing me back to these not hi-tech aliens who are both goofy and gritty at the same time. If you are not familiar with the Quar, then head over to Zombiesmith Miniatures and give them a peak. If you really want some good reading, go onto the forum over there and check out some of the posts in the Quar Discussion section.

The players and creators of the Quar universe share this wonderful symbiosis when it comes to making these creatures come alife. Countless pieces of fluff have been lovingly written by players covering the sprectrum from battle songs, poems, stories, battle reports, even detailed histories of the various units they create on one side of the war or the other. Some of this work has even been canonized in the early days before things were beginning to solidify meaning that much fo the Quar world is built off of the ideas of players whoe love it so.

I will say that I have been able to escape the siren song of Zombiesmith's lovely miniatures so far, but I don't think that resolve will last forever. I am too much in love with the creatures and the world they live in with its Moebius, meets Bakshi, meets muppets, meets WW1 feel. It doesn't help that they are now coming out in 15mm too, though these are 28mm figs that I can see myself buying.

Heavy Shotgun Team (from

Royalist Infantry (from
Quar Militia/Partizan (


  1. Thanks for turning me on to them.
    --They are irresistibly cute. :D

  2. Save your money, send me your mailing address.

  3. They have always seemed very Bakshi Wizards-esque to me as well. Once they get a few more in 15mm, I will be sorely tempted to purchase them. Not that I need another scale and genre right now. Or any time in the next fifteen years or so.

  4. !5mm is going to get a push shortly with more in later months. The scuttlebutt seems to indicate that the releases in 15mm will support the "total war" feel with the eventual inclusion of more vehicles than you will see in 28mm.

    A lot of this is still in the murmur stage and may change over time, but the future looks good for 15mm Quar.


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